. connaught/west victoria special study

The Connaught/West Victoria Special Study was a project undertaken by the Connaught/West Victoria Planning Committee and the City of Calgary to help define the future of the Beltline.

Phase One of the study established Development Principles for the area. These were addressed at public open houses in March 2002.

Phase Two included the formulation of design guidelines. As one of the implementation tools being considered, design guidelines would offer detailed interpretation of the development principles and other planning policies. They woudl also provide clearer direction for land use regulations.

Phase Three involved engaging Sturgess Architecture to kick-start our work on design guidelines. This internationally renowned architectural firm, which makes its home in the Beltline, chose to illustrate the development principles with a set of "case studies" on different sites in the community.

Each case study presents options for developing housing over the next 20 to 30 years, to accommodate a vibrant population of about 30,000 in the study area. They attempt to answer questions like:

  • how can we make better use of space around existing towers?
  • how can building better relate to the street, rather than 'turning their backs' to public areas?
  • how can existing parks and open spaces be improved?

Applying the Development Principles

The case studies address the Development Principles. For example, they promote the preservation of heritage resources and open spaces within the community. In certain case studies, existing open spaces would be reconfigured, resulting in a net gain in open space.

Issues addressed in the case studies include:

  • density
  • mixed-use development
  • development context
  • building and site design
  • streetscapes
  • lanescapes and devlopment along lanes
  • public access and open space
  • landmarks and heritage resources
  • parking
  • courtyards

Case Studies as Illustrations

The case studies demonstrate long-term development possibilities in sample blocks in the Special Study area, but are not intended to prescribe any particular development scheme. They are not a master plan, but a sample application of concepts.

The case studies also do not get into building details. The building "envelopes" shown merely illustrate the general size and form of buildings and assume that detailed building design will be of a high standard.



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Case Study 1


Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Case Study 5

Case Study 6


CLICK HERE to access the full case studies in pdf format.


Through an arduous process, the Connaught/West Victoria Special Study was transformed into the Blueprint for the Beltline - a key policy document for Beltline.

Beltline Communities is currently working on Beltline Initiative 2.0: Think Urban! Demand Better! which is a continuation of the ideas explored in the Connaught/West Victoria Special Study and Blueprint for the Beltline.

An open house was held to share our ideas and get community feedback on May 8, 2010.