. blueprint for the Beltline

The Blueprint for the Beltline is a visionary document, written by community residents, that has changed the way development occurs in the Beltline. The Blueprint was a collaborative effort by the citizens of Victoria and Connaught that led to the formation of the Beltline as a community and the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan. The Blueprint captures most of the basic ideas that Beltline Planning Group advocates for in new development.The Blueprint for the Beltline instructed City administration to replace the disparate planning policies of the former South Downtown, Connaught/West Victoria and East Victoria with a single set of unified policies for the Beltline. The Beltline also laid out guidelines for development which became the basis for the new Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan.Process

The process to formulate a Blueprint for the Beltline reflects a common vision that is shared by the Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught, The City of Calgary, and many other people interested in the development of Calgary’s Beltline. This project began as the Connaught/West Victoria Special Study, which was originally intended to examine the RM-7 Land Use District (the predominant residential Land Use District in the Beltline) and possible improvements to streets and lanes in the area. Nonetheless, as the Special Study progressed and the communities of Connaught and Victoria began to cooperate on an increasing number of issues, it became apparent that there was merit in expanding the scope of the planning study to encompass a wider geographic area and a broader range of issues.Accordingly, all parties in the process have agreed that the best way to address this expanded scope is to plan in a comprehensive and coordinated fashion for the entire Beltline. The next steps in the process, then, will be to further develop, complete and implement a Blueprint for the Beltline to replace the multitude of existing planning policies and land use regulations within the newly amalgamated Beltline Community District. Putting these pieces together will constitute a work in progress toward completion of a Blueprint for the Beltline in time for Alberta’s centennial in 2005.

Attendees of the Blueprint for the Beltline Open House

The City of Calgary and the Beltline Planning Group, which represents the Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught, are pleased to acknowledge the many stakeholder groups (including Beltline residents, architects, planning consultants, developers, heritage interests, and utility providers) that have contributed knowledge, insight, and good ideas to this document. In particular, we thank our consultants, Sturgess Architecture, for providing many of the design concepts for this project. Finally, we extend our sincere gratitude to the many members of the public who attended our open houses and other meetings throughout our citizen engagement process. Their comments and support are greatly appreciated.


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