. 17 ave urban design strategy

With four different community districts, including the Beltline, bordering 17 avenue, the City of Calgary proposed comprehensive urban design strategy to provide a unified vision for the noteworthy corridor.

The document is meant to provide guidelines for development and make recommendations for future action. It addresses the interaction and relationship between buildings, landscape, road right of ways and public spaces to encourage livability and vitality along the avenue.

The strategy divides 17 avenue into three distinct ‘precincts’. The East precinct is located between MacLeod Trail se and 2 street sw, the Central precinct from 2 street sw to 9 street sw, and the West precinct between 9 street sw and 14 street sw.

The plan examines pedestrian issues as well as building guidelines to provide examples of how to develop and landscape using five different urban design principles. The precinct divisions will be used to determine the desired design route.

In addition to design, the strategy also provides examples of appropriate building characteristics, also distinguished by precinct. For example, the East precinct, located closest to Stampede Park, allows for the highest density along 17 avenue. The recommendation is that higher-density developments should have a strongly defined transition between the base and body of a building.Four different case studies are also highlighted in the strategy for the following areas:
  • Stampede Entrance at the east end of 17 avenue;
  • Rouleauville Park on 1 street on the south side of 17 avenue;
  • Tompkins Park between 7 and 8 streets on the north side of 17 avenue; and,
  • 11 street sw intersection.

Read the 17 Avenue Urban Design Strategy HERE.