public art

Counting Crows
by Evelyn Grant at 13th Avenue

“Counting Crows” is based on a traditional English rhyme, which was used to predict ones fortune according to the number of crows seen.  The rhyme is presented in circular fashion, printed on the inlaid tile at the base of the piece.  Pictorial symbols are also represented to enhance the piece: mirth (the sun, with the logo of the Coney island amusement park), happiness (the eight of hearts), gaiety (the nine of clubs), a new moon (n new beginnings), and of course, the pointing fingers counting the crows.  By Evelyn Grant 2001.
About the Artist
Evelyn Grant is a graduate of both the University of Calgary, and Alberta College of Art fine arts programs.  She has been a practicing artist since 1976.  In addition to her studio practice, Evelyn also works as an educator, parent and visual arts coordinator with the City of Calgary.  Her work is exhibited extensively throughout Canada and the United States. Although she works primarily in the ceramic medium, she has also worked on several large-scale mixed media pieces.