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Bronc Twister

by Rich Roenisch

On November 15, 1980, the bronze statue “ICU Bronc Twister” was unveiled at the Calgary Stampede. The piece is based on an early Stampede promotional illustration that was used on posters for the Calgary Stampede in 1919, and then again in near identical posters from 1923-29. The outline of bronc rider has become an icon of the Calgary Stampede and can be seen throughout the city as an outline on the red flags posted along roadways, announcing the countdown to Stampede.

The bronze statue was created by Rich Roenisch. Roenisch is a well known equestrian sculptor from the Longview area. He lives on a working ranch where he and his wife raise thoroughbred polo ponies. Normally creating smaller pieces, “ICU Bronc Twister” is one of three larger than life stautes he has been commissioned to create. He has designed a number of the Stampede and World Professional Chuckwagon Association trophies and his work has been bought by many collectors, including HRH Prince Charles.

The Statue is placed at the NorthWest corner of the Stampede grounds, near the Coca-cola stage.