Volunteer Calgary has played a key role in the development of volunteerism in Calgary for over 50 years. Through our services, we work to strengthen the ability of more than 450 member organizations to manage volunteers and we connect thousands of Calgarians with unique volunteer opportunities in their community.

About Us


People with passion and purpose leading the way to vibrant communities.


Leading, promoting, connecting and strengthening volunteerism.



What we do!

Volunteer Calgary has been helping people get involved in their community for over half a century. Our three years Strategic Directions lays out an action plan for Volunteer Calgary to achieve our mission.

Volunteer Calgary's membership is made of over 450 voluntary organizations that need volunteers to complete their work. We provide a critical link between these organizations and people who wish to donate their time to enrich our community. Hundreds of volunteer opportunities are listed in our searchable database, and local media help us promote our members' opportunities.

Training managers of volunteers to develop and strengthen volunteer programs helps organizations effectively utilize volunteers. When volunteers feel valued and respected, they will continue to contribute their time. Volunteer Calgary offers a variety of workshops and training opportunities for any group or individual who works with volunteers and would like to learn more about volunteer management.

Volunteer Calgary provides leadership in the voluntary sector by identifying needs and recognizing trends. We work through local partnerships and collaborate with government, the business sector and other community leaders to respond to the needs of the voluntary sector.

According to a study conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of Volunteer Calgary in December of 2005, 71 per cent of Calgarians volunteered during the preceding 12 months. On average, Calgarians spend 3.7 hours per week volunteering. Volunteer Calgary plays a key role in the amount of hours logged in our community by promoting the value of volunteering and showing Calgarians how and where they can get involved.

Our vision is to one day see all Calgarians taking responsibility for creating a healthy and caring community by getting involved in local issues. When our vision becomes a reality, our community will reflect a warm and caring place where diversity is accepted, the basic needs of all citizens are met, and citizens routinely look out for one another.



"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Mohandas Gandhi


Volunteer Calgary’s programs are developed to support our members or help connect Calgarians to more opportunities to volunteer. Programs like Employee Volunteering have been specifically developed to provide highly skilled volunteers and corporations with access to volunteer roles that directly support the needs of the non-profit organizations in Calgary. Programs like the Leadership Awards and CTV VIP program provide the means to recognize and celebrate the amazing volunteers throughout our city that strengthen our communities each day. Our Training and Consulting programs offer specialized instruction to our member organizations to help them increase their ability to engage, recruit and manage their own volunteers.



Volunteer Calgary Library


How do I become a Volunteer Calgary Library Borrower?

Please visit the library in person to fill in a library borrower form. A library borrower registration form can also be downloaded, completed and sent to the Volunteer Calgary Library. To see the registration policy and complete the borrower registration form from the Volunteer Calgary website.


How long can I keep the materials?

The loan period is three (3) weeks. For further details on loans and renewals, please visit the Volunteer Calgary website.


Where can I find sources of funding for my organization?

At the Volunteer Calgary Library, you can access the Canadian Directory to Foundations and Corporations online. This Canadian source has information on over 2,200 community, family and corporate foundations. Contact the Library to book a time to use this directory.


Does Volunteer Calgary sell any resources?

Please contact us for additional information.