Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta



For 50 years Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta has been engaging local business and community leaders in its mission to help students develop an entrepreneurial attitude, a solid and practical understanding of business and finance and a commitment to community.


Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta
Suite 870, 1202 Centre Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 5A5
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Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta is one of 17 charters operating under the umbrella of Junior Achievement of Canada. Junior Achievement of Canada is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, an international not-for-profit organization that in 2004/05 reached an estimated 2,665,500 students in more than 98 member countries.

The JA movement began in 1919 when Horace Moses of Springfield, Massachusetts developed a program to provide high school students with practical business experience. His program involved students starting and managing their own business ventures under the hands on guidance and instruction of volunteers from the local business community.

In 1959, that vision came to southern Alberta as the idea of starting a local charter was embraced by many entrepreneurs of the day including David E. Mitchell, J.R. (Bud) McCaig and Ron Southern. These individuals, and many others like them, were also among JASA’s first board members and under their influence and direction; the southern Alberta charter soon became a model for charters across the country.

Today, the JASA central office is located in Calgary, with eight regional offices in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Foothills, East Central Alberta, Cochrane, Strathmore and Brooks where advisory committees assist with implementing the strategic direction of the organization.

Core Values

We will be viewed by our partner-stakeholders as being "beyond reproach" in all we do.

We will be leaders in all that we do, but leaders from within a team committed at all times to the same objectives.

We will at all times treat others with complete respect and, in turn, have that respect reciprocated.

As individuals and as an organization we will be recognized as having and using the best skills and displaying high competence.

Pursuit and realization of our goals with the utmost determination will characterize the organization and those who work within it.

We will constantly seek out, use and be recognized for new and better ways of conducting our business.

We will be rigorous in all we do and provide full and regular accounting to those for and with whom we do business.

A sense of community will be incorporated in what we do and a spirit of citizenship will guide our dealings with our partners.

Goals & Strategies

Impact every available southern Alberta student with relevant, contemporary and responsive programming.
Monitor and continuously improve the impact we have on students;
Introduce innovative program delivery; and
Attract sufficient resources to sustain unrestricted growth in program quality and reach.

Achieve operational excellence.
Employ appropriate technology in all that we do;
Manage JASA as an efficient and effective business; and
Guarantee that the organization's competencies and attributes match the requirements of its strategic initiatives.

Earn unparalleled stakeholder loyalty as the business education partner of choice.
Exceed expectations in the eyes of all stakeholders;
Deliver upon commitment;
Communicate openly and effectively; and
Have fun!