Alberta Ecotrust

Unique in Canada, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is a non-governmental fundraising agency dedicated to supporting grassroots environmental projects throughout the province. We are a collaborative partnership of people and organizations that believe the environment is integral to everything we do, everything we have and everything we need as a community.


Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

1015, 1202 Centre Street South
Calgary, Alberta T2G 5A5
(403) 209-2245 phone
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Our Vision
Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is the leader in building partnerships to create sustainable environmental benefits in our communities.

Our MissionAlberta Ecotrust Foundation builds partnerships throughout Alberta between environmental organizations, corporations and others who support environmental action to

  • fund and support effective grassroots environmental projects.
  • build capacity and sustainability in the voluntary sector.
  • promote the environment as the foundation of a healthy community.


Our Values and BeliefsAlberta Ecotrust is a positive model for innovative and meaningful environmental collaboration. We believe there is a need to support diverse environmental initiatives organized and undertaken by the voluntary sector. We also believe that this sector has the unique conviction needed to inspire and deliver positive grassroots environmental action.
The values that guide our achievements reflect our commitment to community leadership.

Meeting the expectations of our constituents for good governance, financial reporting and meaningful results.

Ensuring fairness and equity so we make decisions that all partners can contribute and support.
Operating with honesty, credibility and transparency.

Continually striving to set new benchmarks for community collaboration, cooperation and action in pursuit of environmental protection.
Encouraging, maintaining, and facilitating opportunities to connect the resources and expertise of those individuals and organizations committed to protecting the envrionment.
Promoting honest and positive dialogue with individuals and organizations, considering their rights, freedoms and opinions.

Proactive in understanding the issues, capacity and resource needs of community organizations to ensure and promote effective environmental grantmaking.
Striving to secure the long-term resources required to provide a significant environmental legacy for all Albertans.

About Alberta EcotrustTogether, we invest in the people and projects that help to make Alberta a stronger, more sustainable place to live, work and play.

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is something of an art form. Conceived in 1991, Alberta Ecotrust is a unique partnership between the corporate sector and the environmental community. Together, we invest in the people and projects that help to make Alberta a stronger, more sustainable place to live, work and play.

We achieve this goal through three main programs: environmental grant making, capacity building, and community collaboration. Together, we fund non-profit environmental projects, strengthen the ability of the voluntary sector to affect positive environmental change, and promote the environment as the foundation of a healthy community.

Water. Wilderness and Wildlife. Air and Climate. These are the environmental priorities Albertans have told us they most care about, so they have become our priorities, too. We support the people and organizations working to protect them, and we invest in projects that either directly or indirectly improve the way they are managed and preserved. And we provide the tools necessary for Albertans to be responsible stewards of the things they care about.