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Stampede, Victoria Park

The core purpose of the Calgary Stampede is to preserve and promote western heritage and values. Our vision is to be a year-round world-class gathering place. Our core business is hosting, and our contribution is helping build our community.

The Calgary Stampede is the community's cradle of western heritage and traditions. As a living embodiment of the western values that bind and build our community, the Calgary Stampede is a gathering place which hosts, educates and entertains the world.

Our core values are at the root of our brand. They include:

  •     Western hospitality
  •     Integrity
  •     Pride of place
  •     Commitment to the community


Year-round Economic Impact

Stampede Park is busy 365 days a year with a wide range of activities. In fact, more people visit the park from August to June, than during the 10-day Stampede in July. Aside from the nearly one million people who attend the Calgary Flames home games, an additional 2.6 million people visit the park annually for trade shows and other events.
The Stampede’s economic impact is substantial with park visitors annually spending an estimated $345 million in Alberta. The majority of spending, $300 million, is spent in Calgary supporting local hotels, restaurants, retail shops and other businesses.
The Stampede also generates millions of dollars in uncalculated economic value during events such as trade and consumer shows. The Global Petroleum Show, held at Stampede Park every second year, generates an estimated $11 billion in oil and gas related sales within the global marketplace.
Fundamentally, the Stampede is a major tourism and economic driver for Calgary, the province of Alberta and for all of Canada.
Based on 2003 research statistics.


Mural on the Stampede Corral

Stampede, Victoria Park

Brand Story
Our brand was inspired by a visionary group who embraced the values and traditions of the ranchers, cowboys and pioneers who lived by an unwritten code.
A code that defined the distinctive manner and style, of how personal and business matters were conducted.
The authenticity and relevance of this legacy is immortalized by the world famous Calgary Stampede, the heart of our organization's values and principles.
Stampede Park is our home, a year-round, world-class gathering place, hosting visitors from Calgary and around the world.
We are hosts, graciously extending our western hospitality whenever or wherever a guest encounters our brand. Guests instantly recognize our pride in sharing what we have to offer them.
Our employees and volunteers embody our unparalleled pride of place and in how we live our brand values. Calgarians share in this pride as our event and reputation has grown to world-wide prominence.
Our partners know our word is our bond in true western fashion, a genuine integrity forms the basis of all relationships, both within and without the Stampede.
A firm handshake, a warm smile introduce each greeting, transaction and experience; true to the enduring values and behaviors of those before us.
Our commitment to community is not only reflected by every experience, event and exhibit, but also by the very people who bring them all to life.
The Calgary Stampede brand not only endures, it stands as a beacon, helping preserve the unique identity and soul of Calgary.
We are the custodians of this treasured heritage and its values, so unmistakably western and timeless.
Yesterday's western traditions and values nurtured and presented within today's reality, united with the Calgary of tomorrow.


Scenes from the Stampede Rodeo 2009