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Wine Ink offers more than a great selection

Wine Ink is not your run-of-the-mill pretentious wine boutique. Infused with personality and humour, Wine Ink is redefining the traditionally intimidating wine experience.  Located on 17th Ave in the much coveted location where Megatunes previously resided, Wine Ink boasts beautifully rustic décor and a laid-back atmosphere usually devoid from standard wine shops.

A selection of bubblyOwners Tim Hendrickson and David Bransby-Williams opened Wine Ink this April and they believe that their wine selection caters to the diverse population of the Beltline area.

“Wine Ink provides a wide range of interesting and   affordable product  that meets a fairly diverse audience,” says owner Tim Hendrickson.

With half of the stock under $25, the staff at Wine Ink is sure to find even those with the most disconcerting taste buds something they love without breaking the bank. “I love it when someone gets a $15 of wine and they are blown away,” says Hendrickson. “We want to bring them into a price range that is a lot more affordable and that they can explore and have fun with a wider range of products.”

David Bransby-Williams explains that matching the wine with the customer in order to ensure that they find something they love is the key to a good wine experience. “When customers come in, we present with something to sample, and we try to discover what their tastes are and find the appropriate wine for them,” says Bransby-Williams.

Wine tastings are another way that Wine Ink educates and helps customers choose the appropriate wine. With tastings ranging from beginners to those who have a broad range of knowledge, connoisseurs at any level are invited to see what's new in store.

But if your in the need of wine without a formal tasting time, there is anywhere from 6-8 different wines available daily in store for customer samples. “The best way to know customer’s palette is to get them to taste various types of wine and we specialize from there,” said Bransby-Williams.

However, if you’re still overwhelmed with the task of choosing an appropriate wine, take the owners’ advice and bring their favourite choice on the shelves- bubbly. “It’s [champagne] a more sustainable drink because of the lower alcohol content, and it can go with any food,” says Hendrickson.

Bransby-Williams adds that it bringing champagne adds a certain wow-factor to the meal. “It’s just so much fun,” he says.

Wine Ink owners Tim Hendrickson and David Bransby-Williams