. caffè beano

One of the best parts of living urban are all the great places to enjoy coffee,  long considered a part of big city recreation. Beltline has a number of cool caffeinated hangout spots and one of the best is Caffe Beano.“It’s a convenient place to come to and a great place to be,” explains Keith Diamond, a regular at Beano. “The staff and owners are great.”

When asked what makes the cappuccino so great, café owner Janice Beaton says, “Way back when I opened Beano in 1990, we developed our own proprietary blend for our espresso. I think that is an important factor, we continually get comments to that effect.“

The café, located on 9th street and 16th avenue, is expanding in its current location to include a former barbershop next door. Outside the café, there’s a collection of regulars from many backgrounds. They are there as much to enjoy the coffee as they are to do work or just hangout.

Kirti Bhadresa and friend Jennifer, sitting on one of the benches on the sidewalk, say they enjoy Caffe Beano because it’s close to home.

“The essence of Beano has been based on community ever since the beginning,” says Beaton. “I think that is a huge factor in our popularity and our amazingly regular clientele. There is an energy and a vibe and a commitment to service and people that the shop emanates.”

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The cafe scene spills outside from Caffe Beano


Inside of Caffe Beano