. ox and angela

Ox and Angela offers Beltline residents a true neighbourhood restaurant

With one very successful restaurant under their belt, the owners Kelly Black and Jayme MacFayden, owners of Ox and Angelaof Una Pizza are trading in the rolling pins for carving knifes at their new restaurant located on 17th Avenue. Kelly Black and Jayme MacFayden’s latest endeavour, Ox and Angela, offers Beltline residents a sampling of traditional Latin American flavours in a cozy setting, complete with an extensive “pre-prohibition” cocktail list.

With Una Pizza voted as the “Best Overall Restaurant” in Calgary entertainment and political weekly, FFWD, Ox and Angela has high expectations to live up to.  Set to open mid-July, the restaurant was created as an extension of Una, yet it will offer a more refined dining experience in a cozy, unpretentious environment. “Ox and Angela will be the polar opposite of Una Pizza,” co-owner Kelly Black explains. “Una is loud, organized chaos, where as Ox and Angela will take reservations and be a more intimate dining establishment.”

With the new restaurant opening up just down the street from Una, where Bungalow previously resided, Ox and Angela is attempting to offer Beltline residents what, according to Black, is missing in the core of Calgary: Authentic, classic Latin America dishes done in a sophisticated dining manner.

The menu will focus on offering simple, fresh items from all over Latin America, especially Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil that Grandma would be proud to serve.

Black explains, “We didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves into just one county. Ox and Angela is all encompassing and that’s what is going to be exciting about it, the menu is not coming from just one area.”

The name Ox and Angela was chosen to represent the masculine and feminine components of the establishment, with a menu concentrating on grilled meats and the bar featuring classic Latino cocktails, “With the idea of separating Ox and Angela into one side restaurant and one side bar, we wanted a name that embodied both sections while making people think of Latin America,” clarified Black.  Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook have proven immensely useful in means of informing customers at Una of wait times and daily features, and have helped build better relationships potential patrons.  “We love Twitter because it allows us to connect with the customer on a more personal level. It makes people feel like they know you,” explains Black.

Recent Tweets by Black and MacFayden have alluded to the opening of Ox and Angela, offering only those who follow Una Pizza information regarding the new diningf establishment. “We plan on using Twitter instead of full-page ads in a newspaper because we want to send mostly our customer base at Una to Ox and Angela,” he said. For more information on the opening of the restaurant, future patrons are encouraged to follow Una Pizza or Ox and Angela on Twitter.