victoria centre

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Alberta Manor Alberta Manor 330 on Fifteenth Avenue SW View More

This seven-storey concrete building with brick with stucco cladding was a condominium from the outset in 1978 with higher-than-average apartment building standards at that time

Alexandria Place Alexandria Place 1401, 1403, 1405, 1407, 1409 and 1411 Second Street SW View More

Built in 1911 as the Rossmore Apartments, these six large three-storey townhouses were condo converted in 1985, when their basement levels were given daylight by excavating stairwells with patios along the front of the building

Ashbury Ashbury 120 on Fifteenth Avenue SW View More

This building and Carlyle Condos immediately to the west are twins that were built in the late 1970s from almost-identical plans

Balmoral Manor Balmoral Manor 112 on Fourteenth Avenue SE View More

Built in 1999, this is a frame-with-overlay (gypcrete) three-storey building designed around a courtyard, so all 35 suites have windows facing in two directions

Carlyle Carlyle 128 on Fifteenth Avenue SW View More

This building and Ashbury Condos immediately to the east are twins that were built in the late 1970s from almost-identical plans

Central Park Manor Central Park Manor 313 on Thirteenth Avenue SW View More

2010 update:  Central Park Manor was vacated by the City due to concern over the foundation, which was affected by settling

Centuria On The Park 301 Thirteenth Avenue at Second Street SW View More

Builder's web site:  Expensive issues with water on the site compounded by the weak real estate market caused cancellation early in 2009 of the luxury-class all-condos Centuria project

Chocolate Chocolate 188 on Fifteenth Avenue S.W. View More

In-house web site: All sleek glass, steel, and concrete, this was Battistella Development's second large project after the Orange Lofts in The Rivers (East Village) neighbourhood

Colours Colours 135 Thirteenth Avenue, S.W. View More

Builder's web site: Completed early in 2009, Colours is the latest condo project by home-grown Battisella Developments, following on their Chocolate Condos tower just south on First Street at Fifteenth Avenue

Coronation Place Coronation Place 1410 on Second Street SW View More

Consisting of five levels of frame construction completed in 1996 atop a concrete in-ground garage, this building was one of the first current-era residential condo developments in what was then called Victoria Park, known as "Victoria Crossing" by the local business revitalization zone, and simply as "Victoria" by the Beltline Community Association