Canada 25

Imagining Calgary 25 years from now

In 2002, Canada turned its attention to Canadian cities, and to considering how urban communities can become magnets for attracting and retaining young people. Canada25, a non-partisan organization dedicated to engaging the perspectives of young Canadians, set out their vision for a city built around density, diversity and discovery and outlines priorities for action.

A dynamic city is one that buzzes with energy. It's one that is full of innovative people doign great things. It's a city that is diverse - in class, income, and origin - and fights to maintain that diversity. It has a rich and vibrant culture, not because of government, but because its citizens recognize and value their relationship with one another. In this city, social capital is strong - its citizens are engaged and involved with the community. People live where they work and play. Density is high and public transit is the preferred choice. In a terrific city, the poor are boosted up and not shipped out and citizens of different classes and socioeconomic backgrounds live together in mixed neighbourhoods. Environmental sustainability is not an afterthought, but a major factor in the design of built space and infrastructure. Young people live in this city.

Calgary can be a dynamic city...if we try.

The Calgary team for Canada25 included:

Selena Billesberger

Naheed Nenshi

Chima Nkemdirim

Lucas Rojek



Click on the following link to read the full pdf:

Building Up: Making Canada’s Cities Engines of Growth and Magnets of Development