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Parks Foundation Moves to Beltline


The Parks Foundation has moved their offices into the historic Haultain School.  The move represents the first permanent home for the Foundation since its establishment in 1985.  The Parks Foundation is a private Not-for-Profit organization that helps fund major park projects like the James Short Park, Shaw Millennium Park and the restoration of the Lougheed House and Beaulieu gardens.  The Foundation also helps fund community playgrounds and amateur sports, and is responsible for the activities of the Calgary River Valleys Committee.


The renovation of Haultain School and Park happened in 3 phases.  In Phase 1, the interior of Haultain School was restored.  In Phase 2, the front yard, formal entryway and new fixtures were completed.  Finally, Phase 3 saw the development of the park and playground.  The restored Haultain School and Park opened to the public in September 2009. Norm Harburn, Parks Foundation Executive Director, has stated his desire to operate the building as a quasi-public building, giving the public full access to the reception area to view the historic interior of the building.