West Connaught Park

West Connaught Park Workshop

The 11 Street Park (or Calgary Lawn Bowling Club) has a long history in Beltline. In 1927 the Club negotiated with the city for a new home and this location at 16 ave was chosen. The new facility opened in 1929 and it has been home to the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club ever since.

West Connaught Park 

Get Involved!

The City of Calgary Parks hosted a public engagement session on Saturday, May 24th, 2014 from 11:00am to 4:00pm to find out what community members want in this park site.

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If you were not able to come it to the workshop, make sure you provide your input at the West Connaught site!


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Calgary Lawn Bowling Club will be leaving Beltline. It and the adjacent neighbourhood park on 11 street will be redeveloped

Calgary Lawnbowing Club with be leaving Beltline. The Club site and adjacent park are being redeveloped.

11 Street Park Statistics

area     m2 = 6193

area hectares = 0.6193