Hudson's Bay Company Warehouse


535 10 Avenue SW

This large, five-storey warehouse was built by the Hudson's Bay Co. in 1912 to provide adequate storage facilities for the Company's new department store on 8 Avenue SW, which opened in 1913. Shortly after the Government Liquor Control Act was passed in 1924, the newly formed Liquor Control Board rented office and warehouse space in this building to supplement its primary accomodation in Edmonton. In 1935, the warehouse was sold to Safeway Stores Inc., and it remained the home of the Calgary Division of Canada Safeway Ltd., wholesale and retail grocers, for nearly sixty years. The otherwise utlitarian and plain brick building is enlivened by giant brick pilaster strips which reach from the base to the tin cornice. The building illustrates the nature and function of large, tract warehouses built along spur lines in this district. It has the distinction of having been occupied and owned by some of Calgary's most significant buisinesses.

In 1993, the building was sold by Canada Safeway Ltd. and developed into Calgary's first New York-style loft condominium project, renamed the Hudson.



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