. mustard seed demolition


Ground-breaking progess made for new homeless sheltler

In a long-awaited step to end homelessness in Calgary, The Mustard Seed began demolition of an administration building at 105 11 Avenue S.E. to begin construction of a sustainable low-to-no income apartment building.

Volunteers and employees of the Mustard Seed watched on with excitement and optimism as the future location for the Affordable Housing Initiative began to materialize.  

The beginning steps of the affordable housing building have been five years in the making and the non-profit organization is ecstatic that progress has begun in making the apartment complex a reality. 

“This day has been in the making for a long time,” says Interim CEO and CAO Aart Schuurman Hess.

“We can’t wait to get construction started so that 224 of our guests will have a stable, sustainable place to live. The demolition brings us one step closer to welcoming some of our city’s most vulnerable into a home of their own.”

With demolition getting underway at 8 am on Monday July 18th, the site is expected to be cleared of rubble within the next two weeks, and then the 20 month construction process of the apartment building will begin.

“This is an important step to ending homelessness in Calgary, I am excited that we are able to continue to move forward,” stated Schuurman Hess.

The 12 storey affordable housing building will include one floor of administration and programming services along with street-level retail stores and underground parking stalls. The exterior of the complex will feature an innovative 10 storey solar wall.

“The original plan for the building deviates from the April 2010 proposal. The new design has been endorsed by the community; we have felt overwhelming support from everyone,” he noted.

Schuurman Huss enthusiastically thanked the Beltline community for its continued support of The Mustard Seed and the city’s 10 -Year Plan to End Homelessness.

“Beltine’s support has been tremendous in this effort and we want to be a good neighbour and listen to the wants of the community.”


The beginning stages of the demolition


A worker looks on while the building is demolished








































The remnants of the adminstration building