. 8 street charette



Click HERE for the full documentation of the 8 Street Charette by former Beltline Community Planner Josh White.



Beltline ARP

Priority for improved and where possible, widened sidewalks shall be placed on: Olympic Way S.E., Macleod Trail S.E., 1 Street S.E., 4, 8, 11 and 14 Streets S.W., 10, 11, 12 and 17 Avenues.

 Blueprint for the Beltline

Streetscapes will be enhanced by improvements such as landscaping, boulevards, sidewalks, light standards, street furniture, public art, kiosks, performance spaces, wastebaskets, bus shelters, bicycle racks, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, and traffic calming.

Blueprint for the Street – Community Perspective: Good street character depends on quality private development, the quality of public space, and the way these elements come together on the sidewalks, boulevards, and streets in the Beltline. In a high-density urban setting, the street functions as an extension of interior living space. It should be spatially defined, interesting for people to walk along, and include places to meet or relax or enjoy public art. “The street” is where people meet. In our urban district, sidewalks are heavily used. They are vital connections between the places we live, work and play in a pedestrian environment. Yet sidewalks are often neglected as development planning focuses on single buildings and transportation planning focuses on the driving lanes.

In the public realm, the Uptown 17, Victoria Crossing, and 4th Street BRZs have built quality commercial streetscapes. A similar effort needs to be make throughout the district including residential areas. Tree lined streetscapes are key to the urban landscape. The quality of our urban forest, sidewalks, street lighting, boulevards, street furniture and maintenance standards should reflect that we are in a high-density urban area busy with people. City standards that reflect the special needs of the Beltline would greatly contribute to attractive streetscapes.

 Centre City Plan – Commercial Street Streetscape Character • 3-6 m wide upgraded sidewalks on public and private lands with street furniture

• Calgary Urban Braille

Side Boulevards and interface zone on private land to accommodate street retail and other desirable activities.

• Integrated street lighting, wayfinding, street furniture and public art columns

• Pedestrian-oriented street lighting

• Parallel on-street parking where possible on both sides of the street. Special paving treatment for sPARKS

• One or two-way streets with selected shared bicycle paths. If two-way, min. two vehicle lanes per direction to accommodate public transit needs.

• Medium and Large scale residential / mixed use / office developments with articulated base, body and top. Building base to accommodate variety of street level activities

• New bus shelters/waiting areas to be incorporated into private development (enclosed space, colonnades or canopies) Standard or glass canopies for weather protection on private land

• On both sides of the street, one row of trees on private land, second row in public land