. 20 minute makeover

Communal effort required for cleaner city
Calgary has embarked on a new initiative that centres on tidying up the city with the help of all Calgarians. Mayor Nenshi announced on Thursday May 19, that the 20 Minute Makeover will focus on cleaning the areas of the city that will improve the overall quality of life for everyone, opting to focus on city streets, parks, and pathways. The event is scheduled to occur on June 8th at 12:20 for twenty minutes. Nenshi encourages all Calgarians to get involved with the event, as the clean-up will be a communal effort. Mayor Nenshi demonstrating proper disposal of cigarette butts“Keeping our city clean is a community responsibility,” he said in the announcement on Thursday.  “That means every one of us pledging not to litter, that includes not discarding cigarette butts, and it means each of us taking 20 minutes on June 8th to clean up the litter in the areas that we love.” Nenshi, partnering with GLAD, Calgary Downtown Association, and the Centre City Implementation team met with event sponsors, CityTV, METRO and other community partners including PennWest Exploration, Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary Public Library, ConocoPhillips, Cenovus, The Drop-In Centre, Calgary Chinese Community Services Association, Attainable Homes Calgary, Downtown West Community Association and  Beltline Communities to officially kick-off the event at the Municipal Building Thursday morning.Nenshi advocated that a reduction in the amount of litter would equal safer streets and a more enjoyable Calgary for everyone. “We know that when our streets and our parks and our pathways are clean that it improves the quality of life for everyone. It feels like a more attractive place, more people come so that makes it safer,” he said.

The 20 Minute Makeover will be the first one to be held in Western Canada. Previous events have been successfully implemented across Ontario in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Markham and Pickering.  Anyone wishing to participate is asked to either bring their own garbage bags from home or pick one up at the Central or Memorial Park public libraries. Cleaning kits will also be available at the Centre Street C-Train platform office from May 30-June 3, with the morning edition of METRO at 7 Avenue SW from June 6-8, and by the GLAD team at C-Train stations on 7 Avenue SW on June 7-8. All garbage collected by volunteers is to be disposed in existing garbage cans located throughout the city. If garbage cans are full, people are to call 3-1-1 for assistance. The main media event will be held at Stephen Avenue on June 8th, where Mayor Nenshi, joined by students, sponsors, residents, City staff and corporate partners, will be pitching in to make this city a little greener. Mayor Nenshi picking up some litter