. 17 Ave Retail & Entertainment District [BRZ]

Beltline BRZ, Beltline BRZs, R.E.D 17th BRZ,


17th BRZ Office
(located in the Historic Devenish Building)

#209, 908 - 17th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0A3
ph: (403) 245-1703
fax: (403) 245-1733

About 17 Ave Retail & Entertainment District BRZ

17th BRZ is a member of Beltline Communities. The BRZ is governed by a Board of Directors, and the day to day operations are overseen by an Executive Director.

17 BRZ Management


17 BRZ Board Members

Kerri Burnside, Melrose Cafe and Bar

Evan Freitag, Avenue 17 Law Offices

Dr. Tara Guthrie, Core Chiropractic

Hayim Hamburger, Devenish Heritage/Ethos

Dwayne Dobson, Combine Design

Dewey Noordhoof, Brava Bistro

Robyn Shumaker, HSBC

Matt Singer, Mission Snow & Skate/Mission Girls

Diane Taylor, Ship and Anchor Pub

Jon Wiebe, Leo Boutique

About the AvenueLocated in the heart of the city, 17th Ave Retail and Entertainment District BRZ  - the Pulse of Calgary - is place where people come to live, work, dine, shop and to explore one of Canada’s most thriving cosmopolitan areas. With its unique blend of state-of-the-art and fashionable shops, tantalizing eateries and entertainment venues, professional services and historic buildings, the Avenue embodies both the charm of old era small town and all the conveniences of an ‘of the moment’, vibrant city.There are over 200 locally-owned and operated boutiques located from 14th to 2nd Street, where you’ll find a warm and personal atmosphere and a world of chic clothing, accessories and designer jewellery to add sophistication and pizzazz to your wardrobe. Enjoy our world class art galleries, restaurants, luxurious spas and salons, and take in the wide array of book, flower, music, sporting goods and specialty shops. Share a leisurely stroll along our tree-lined, pedestrian friendly walkways and enjoy the old fashioned pleasure of window shopping. Or perhaps you'd prefer to sit in Tomkins Park amid 90 year old trees and enjoy a warm summer afternoon of music featured on Saturdays in the Gazebo.

If you're here to get some business done, we've got another 200 businesses that that are ready to service all of your professional and consulting needs.And if you're searching for that distinctive dining experience, we provide a sumptuous selection of culinary delights from all over the world. Whether you're searching for Szechwan or sushi, meandering for Moroccan or cruising for Californian,  17th Avenue promises an abundance of choices to please every palate. We also boast a diverse and exciting nightlife with all venues within walking distance of one another. You'll find lots of live music along the Avenue as well as great cocktail bars, sports pubs and coffee shops.

Come and enjoy all that Uptown 17th Avenue has to offer!