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Calgary's Business Revitalization Zones [BRZs] represent their member businesses in promoting and enhancing their respective business districts.  There are nine BRZs in Calgary. Three are located in Beltline.

*17 Ave BRZ

*4th Street BRZ

*Victoria Park BRZ (formerly Victoria Crossing BRZ)

Business Revitalization Zones are primarily business associations, but they are also places by virtue of their membership zones (areas). BRZs are not neighbourhoods, nor are they community districts. BRZs do not represent residents within their zones.

BRZs recieve a compulsory levy on business tax within their zones. The amount of the levy (percentage of business tax) is determined by each BRZ and approved by City Council. The levy is collected and delivered to the BRZs by the City of Calgary.

Only rate paying businesses are represented by BRZs, and only business tax ratepayers can vote at BRZ Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Recognition of the economic enhancement that BRZs add to Calgary has led to the development of a strong working relationship between CBIZ, The City of Calgary and Calgary Economic Development.. C-Biz' goal is to augment and promote economic development in Calgary's established business districts.



Calgary’s Business Revitalization Zones (CBIZ)  are comprised of all business tax payers located within a specified zone and are governed by a board of directors.

There are nine BRZs in Calgary: Bowness, Calgary Downtown Association, Fourth Street, Inglewood, International Avenue, Kensington, Marda Loop, Uptown 17 and Victoria Crossing.

Calgary’s BRZ businesses contribute $59 Million in annual business taxes, and account for over $661 Million in assessed value. With 5400 businesses represented; BRZs represent about 20% of all Calgary businesses.

Specific issues of importance among the individual BRZ areas differ, but all BRZs share the desire to enhance vibrancy, public appeal, public safety and marketability in their respective areas.

BRZs make a significant contribution to Calgary’s economic wellbeing, not only to help attract new businesses to the city, but also to improve the quality of life for those already doing business in the zones.  In shaping a more favourable business environment, BRZs consequently attract customers to unique, and vibrant business districts.

Calgary’s BRZs are the “economic incubators” of business in this city.  They provide perfect starting places for businesses to develop and grow. BRZs work to provide an environment that fosters the growth of small business by creating a magnet for clients and customers who appreciate a characteristic environment. 

Contributing significantly to Calgary’s shopping and dining experience, BRZs offer an array of distinct shops, food stores, restaurants and coffee shops. BRZs also invest in public art and sponsor some of Calgary's most popular events: Sun & Salsa, Lilac Festival, H1, Chalkwalk, Sunfest Mainstreet Festival, and the Santa Claus Parade.

With significant efforts in the areas of public safety and crime prevention, BRZs also play a lead role in  revitalization and can work effectively with community associations to further common goals of businesses and residents.

Calgary’s BRZs are located isome of our city's best known and most loved neighbourhoods. They help to enhance quality of life in Calgary demonstrate Calgary’s unique and dynamic culture.


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