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Initiative: a new era for Beltline

Community and business interests do not always complement each other. This isn't the case in the Beltline, where two communities and three Business Revitalization Zones formed the Beltline Initiative.

Comprising the Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught, and the Victoria Crossing (now Victoria Park), Uptown 17 and 4th Street BRZs, the Beltline Initiative has "found the common ground that unifies community aspirations with what businesses are doing in that area," says founder and Beltline Communities president Rob Taylor.

"The Beltline BRZs are important contributors to life in our communities," Taylor adds.

"Local businesses are a big part of where residents go and what they do. They've built our streetscapes. They provide us with shopping, restaurants, entertainment and jobs. It only makes sense that we work together."

The Initiative has released a report, titled The Beltline Initiative: Rediscovering the Centre, outlining strategies to create a great urban place in Calgary. "We have all the elements to make it happen," says Taylor.

"The Initiative will help motivate the action that's needed."

"The Beltline," says Eileen Stan, then-executive director of the Victoria Crossing (now Victoria Park) BRZ, "is positioned to become a very intense, very urban and very exciting district."

The key to Beltline's success, says Rediscovering the Centre, will be a rich mix of residential and commercial, corporate and retail, high-density housing and beautiful green places.

"Our economic future," reads the report, "will primarily rest upon the image of Calgary as an exciting place to live and work."

Taylor realized early on that, in our urban setting, community organizations acting alone can't get everything residents want done.

"It is essential to engage all the players," Rob says. "That's why I worked so hard to get the Beltline Initiative going."



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