. beltline ARP

In planning and development in Alberta there are what are called “Statutory Documents” which provide the legal guidelines for development. These documents include municipal development plans (which set out guidelines for the overall development and growth of a city), land use bylaws (laws that set out land use districts and determine what types of developments can be built in those districts, also called zoning), area structure plans (detailed plans that outline how new communities will be built) and, most important to the Beltline, area redevelopment plans (ARPs). ARPs are detailed plans that guide redevelopment in already developed areas. These plans set out guidelines by which redevelopment follows.

The Beltline ARP was created as a response to the Blueprint for the Beltline. After the Blueprint for the Beltline was created, the City was forced to respond to what the community residents were demanding for their neighbourhood. City administration worked to develop an ARP for the area that would reflect the principles outlined in the Blueprint for the Beltline. Although the ARP was a great improvement over the current planning practice for the area, the end result was really a compromise solution for the community, and did not fully reflect all of the principles outlined in the Blueprint for the Beltline. 

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