St.Mary's Cathedral Congregation

Mission Statement
St. Mary’s Cathedral Pastoral Parish Council

We, the Parish Pastoral Council, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seek to serve the Lord, His Church and St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish and are dedicated to understanding and addressing the needs and opportunities for bringing our parishioners closer to God in their continuing journey of faith.


St.Mary's church and rectory


Interior of the sanctuary

* 1873 -

Father Constantine Scollen founds Our Lady of Peace Mission, the first   mission in southern Alberta.

* 1875 -

Father Scollen and Father Leon Doucet move the mission to a hut near the site of what becomes Fort Calgary, then within months moves again to the present Holy Cross Hospital.

* 1882 -

Father Lacombe takes charge of the mission.

* 1883 -

Settlers in East Calgary build a church called St. Patrick.

* 1884 -

Father Lacombe secures homestead property for the mission - the area known as the Mission District. A new mission building is erected on what is now the grounds of Sacred Heart Convent.

*1884 -

The CPR locates in an unexpected place. The settlers in East Calgary move to be near the railway, bringing St. Patrick church with them. The church is left on a temporary site.

*1885 -

The Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus arrive and are given the new mission building to serve as their convent. St. Patrick’s church is moved to the site of the present parish hall and renamed Our Lady of Peace.

The First St. Mary’s

* 1887 -

The foundations are laid for a new church on the site of the present cathedral.

* 1889 -

The new church, a sandstone building named St. Mary’s, is completed.

* 1905 -

St. Mary’s parish hall (later the C.N.R. Station and now Alberta Ballet) is built.

*1910 - 

*Previously a mission church, the parish was canonically erected on April 26, 1910, by Bishop Legal under the name of the Immaculate Conception.

* 1912 -

The Diocese of Calgary is formed.

* 1913 -

John Thomas McNally becomes the first Bishop of Calgary.

(Transferred to Hamilton, Ontario 1924, Died 1952)

* 1925 -

John Kidd becomes Bishop. (Transferred to London, Ontario 1931.Died 1950)

* 1932 -

Peter J. Monahan becomes bishop. (Transferred to Regina 1935.
Died 1947)

* 1935 -

Francis P. Carroll becomes bishop. (Officially resigned 1966. Died 1967)

* 1955 -

A new parish hall is built to serve as a church during the construction of the new St. Mary’s.

* 1957 -

The new Cathedral is completed and consecrated on December 11.

* 1966 -

Msgr. John S. Smith, rector of the cathedral for 42 years - (died August 6, 1966).

* 1966 -

Rev. Joseph Toole appointed Rector.

* 1967 -

Francis J. Klein becomes bishop. (Died 1968)

* 1968 -

Paul J. O’Byrne, native born Calgarian become bishop of the Calgary Diocese.

* 1969 -

Rev. Stanley Henke appointed Rector.

* 1970 -

Temporary renovations to conform with Vatican II directives on liturgy. Pastoral directions - Rector, Rev. Stan Henke.

* 1972 -

Rev. Reginald P. Sullivan appointed Rector of St. Mary’s

* 1979 -

Rev. James Jordan appointed Rector.

* 1982 -

Rev. William S. Stephenson appointed Rector

* 1988 -

Interior renovation of St. Mary’s Cathedral. Pastoral directions - Rector, Bill Stephenson.

* 1993 -

Rev. Lawrence J. Bagnall appointed Rector

* 1997 -

Celebration to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Dedication of   the present St. Mary’s Cathedral to Our Lady of the Immaculate

* 1998 -

Retirement of Bishop Paul O’Byrne. Bishop O’Byrne served as
Bishop of Calgary for 31 years.

* 1998 -

Bishop Frederick B. Henry of London, Ontario was installed as theseventh Bishop of Calgary on March 19, 1998.