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Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership
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About Us
"I draw upon my own experiences and observations. I have witnessed how leadership exercised by individuals motivated by high ethical purpose can bring about significant change for the betterment of our society. My desire is that the Foundation advance and encourage this type of leadership in our community."

- Sheldon M. Chumir

The Chumir Foundation was created from a bequest by Sheldon M. Chumir, Rhodes Scholar, lawyer, businessman, civil libertarian and Alberta MLA (1986 - 1992). Mr. Chumir believed that ethical values are fundamental to a healthy society, and wished this Foundation to operate so as to influence ethical actions in the practical world of politics, business, government as well as community structures and processes.
Mr. Chumir has been described as a "challenging man" in that he challenged his friends and society to be all they could be. He chose to dedicate the bulk of his assets to the creation of a foundation to continue his challenge to us - to ensure leadership motivated by ethical resolve and purpose.

To promote action which exemplifies ethical principle.
An active, involved citizenry in a society characterized by principled and trustworthy leadership.


What We Do
The Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership supports open expression, tolerant discussion and the dissemination of ideas by providing opportunities for dialogue on crucial issues.  We do this through a number of means, with the greatest emphasis on the activities below:

  •  Public Engagement
  •  Symposia
  •  Research
  •  Policy and Law Reform Work
  •  Partnerships
  •  Internships    
  •  Awards and Comptitions