Sexual Health Access Alberta

Sexual Health Access Alberta Announces: Mission Accomplished
Effective July 30, 2010, Sexual Health Access Alberta will no longer operate as a formal entity. Since 1975, Sexual Health Access Alberta (SHAA), and formerly as Planned Parenthood Alberta, has supported reproductive choice and promoted sexual health for all Albertans.  SHAA is proud of the contributions our organization has made to ensuring Albertans have access to accurate and comprehensive sexual health information, education and services.

Much has been achieved throughout our 35 year history and many of our founding objectives have been met. We have encouraged and coordinated access to sexual and reproductive health information and services through many programs, including the successful campaign. The advent of mass access to internet-based sexual health resources, to which SHAA has contributed, has advanced the organization’s educational mandate. Other objectives, such as advocacy, are being served by our sexual health colleagues throughout Alberta and the rest of Canada.

SHAA has a new vision for the sustainability of its programs. Over the last few months we have maintained our charitable activities as we worked towards a seamless transition of core programs to our community partners. Our two major core programs – the Resource Centre and – are being passed on to our community partner Calgary Sexual Health Centre.  As of July 1st all orders for the Resource Centre, including print copies if the parent brochure It’s Easier Than You Think: Talking With Your Children About Sexual Health and Well-being will be available from Calgary Sexual Health Centre. They can be reached at (403) 283-5580 or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itAs well, this website will remain online as a source of information and referral for visitors for the foreseeable future. Sexual Health Access Alberta’s strong community support and powerful partnerships, built through decades of collaboration and provision of services, make this new vision of sustainability possible.