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Youth Recovery Coalition has been a registered society in Alberta since 2005


Providing appropriate, supportive and holistic services to at-risk youth who want a safe place to address substance abuse issues.
An investment in the Youth Recovery Coalition represents an investment in the healing process of an entire community and the potential that community has to guide the future of Alberta.

#200, 223 12th  Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 0G9

Phone: 403-978-6384
Email: staff@youthrecoverycoalition.com





Calgary Street Survival Guide 2010

Who We Are

YRC supports street involved youth dealing with addiction issues through Outreach, Education, the Community Kitchen, and Art for Community Development programs.Street-involved youth are youth that are anywhere from being homeless to couch surfing between friends and family. These youth often have very few ties with schools, family, and community resources that can advocate and provide services for them.Our youth are generally between 13-25, however, YRC does not discriminate based on age, and will provide services to all those in need.

YRC Staff

The staff deliver services directly to youth. They build relationships with the people and agencies that we work with and for. The staff have personal and professional experience with the issues the youth face every day.Peer outreach workers are empowered through the opportunity to take a leadership role in their communities and to use their negative experiences to help others. Youth provide guidance to ensure that our programming is culturally appropriate and relevant to their needs. We work to ensure our programming is responsive to the changing needs of the community.Two thirds of our board of directors is comprised of youth members, and youth volunteer hours are the backbone of our agency.

Outreach Program

The YRC Outreach program seeks out youth by going to the places they frequent. By seeking them out, YRC is able to build trust and relationships with youth, which is extremely important in order to start the healing process. YRC outreach staff spends time listening, problem solving, and providing services such as crisis counselling, a snack, health items, and resource information.

Education Program

Our Education program centres around interactive and education presentations to a broad spectrum of youth and service providers in the community. The focus for the youth presentations is on prevention by improving youth's problem solving skills, knowledge of available resources, and awareness of the impact of drugs, trauma, abuse and poverty. The focus for service providers is to assist helpers in understanding street involved youth, the issues they face, and specific drug awareness education.

Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen project began because youth voiced a need for food and community-building services. The Community Kitchen gives the youth an opportunity to be safe, form relationships with the outreach workers, learn life skills, eat healthy food, and learn about nutrition. Future plans include bringing in members from the larger community to cook with the youth in order to build bridges of understanding between communities.

Art for Community Development

The Art for Community Development program stems from the belief that art plays a powerful role in healing. Art allows us to express ourselves, to have a voice in our community, to touch others, to build valuable connections with each other, and to take pride in our abilities and strengths. Our first project has the youth creating quilt squares, forming a collective expression of a community's experience with addiction. The quilts are then displayed in places the youth frequent.