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By email: - Find out about our Junior Branch including monthly activities and mini-camps! - Find out more about volunteer opportunities or for membership inquiries. - Find out more about our travel programs. CISV Calgary has great opportunities for leaders and delegates ages 11+. Any other questions that you may have about CISV Calgary.
By mail:
Our office is located at 223 12th Ave S.W. Calgary, AB T2R 0G9
Membership forms may be mailed to - Attention: Membership Coordinator
Mini-camp forms may be mailed to - Attention: JB Liaison





Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) Calgary empowers youth to embrace their global community; in Calgary and around the world.
Our experiential education programs develop:

  •   Friendships
  •   Inclusiveness
  •   Cooperation   
  •   Leadership

"Calgary is a peaceful community inspired by youth leadership."
CISV evolved from a firm conviction that lasting peace is possible if individuals and groups can learn to live together as friends. For CISV, the key to making this vision a reality, was to start working with children and youth. Programs were developed which offered young people opportunities to meet their peers from other countries and to form intercultural friendships.



Membership in the Calgary chapter entitles family members to:

  •    participate in monthly local activities
  •    participate in local and national mini-camps
  •    membership rates for local mini-camps
  •    participate on the Adult Board
  •    participate in the Junior Branch (ages 11 to 25)
  •    apply for a leadership position
  •    apply for International programs
  •    receive the CISV Calgary E-News

The chapter is run by volunteers who make up the Adult Board and the Junior Branch, both of which hold monthly meetings and activities.
Family Obligation
CISV Calgary counts on the involvement of parents for successful local, national, and international programs. This can include one or more of the following:

  • understanding the goals and philosophy of CISV
  • promoting awareness of CISV in the community
  • becoming a member of the Adult Board or committees
  • hosting delegation meetings
  • providing homestays of one or two nights for international delegates
  • submitting required paperwork by the deadlines
  • supporting fundraising initiatives

Membership rates

  • Family membership - $60
  • Individual memberships - $30 (for students or young adults living on their own)

Memberships are valid from October 1 until September 31 and are renewed annually. CISV Calgary uses this membership year instead of the calendar year in order to fit better with the timing of our programs.
The membership forms are now available online in the forms
section. Contact the Membership coordinator if you have any questions.