Calgary Alternative Transporation Co-operative


Are you interested in saving money, reducing emissions and improving your health?
You get 24-hour self-serve access to a fleet of clean, modern vehicles without all the hassles of ownership and for less than what most people would pay for insurance alone. Our vehicles are located around the downtown core and positioned near major LRT or bus routes or pathways (and more are on the way).
You pay all-inclusive rates for your use, which include everything even fuel and insurance, so the less you drive the more you save. There are even discounts on day use and credits to be earned for light maintenance tasks.
And, did we mention that most members claim they have reduced their vehicle use by half or more compared to when they owned a vehicle? Our members find other more trip-appropriate modes for their travel and use a vehicle only when they need it.


What is CATCO?
CATCO stands for Calgary Alternative Transportation Coop and is the original non-profit organization.  We’re marketing under Calgary CarShare to make it easier to identify the service we provide.

How long has the CarShare been in operation?
CATCO has been operating since 1999.

How many cars does Calgary Carshare have?
Seven in total

  • Yaris in Mission
  • Yaris in Hillhurst
  • Prius parked at Mountain Equipment Coop
  • Caravan close to the Sunnyside C-Train station
  • Aveo in Bridgeland
  • Accent at the University of Calgary
  • Smart Car in Victoria Park

How much does it cost?
Initially:  A onetime $500 refundable deposit
Monthly: Membership fee of $5.00 per driver on the account
Each time you use the car:  Hourly rate + .25 cents per km