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Pick up:     Brochures, which include an Application for Membership, are available at the Customer Service counter at Calgary Co-op grocery stores or at any event or presentation CCMS holds.

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A CCMS Information Session

About CCMS
Our goal is to help you lessen the stress and tension for your loved ones by planning today for a simple, dignified funeral as economically as possible.


The main role of the Board of Directors is to negotiate funeral plans and special prices with contracted funeral providers on behalf of our members.




* advocates with local and provincial legislators to ensure Albertans receive consistent and ethical service from the service providers.
* acts to create public awareness of funeral practices.
* supplies volunteer speakers to groups and organizations interested in learning more about the benefits available to its lifetime members.
* provides information on related community services which may benefit its members.
* has a paid Membership Manager who answers the Society’s phone and processes memberships.


CCMS does not:
* market pre-paid funeral plans.
* sell cemetery plots or headstones.
* share members’ names with outside organizations.
* own an interest in any funeral home.



We are proud to say that our Society has been actively operating in Southern Alberta since 1966 under the Alberta Co-operative Associations Act, which was repealed in 2002 and replaced by the Co-operatives Act. We are a not-for-profit, non-sectarian co-operative administered by a board of twelve volunteer directors.





What Is a Memorial Society?

A memorial society is a group of people who have joined together to obtain dignity, simplicity and economy in funeral arrangements through advanced planning.  Members are from all walks of life and age groups.  All support the principle of simple, preplanned funerals.  For more about the Calgary Co-operative Memorial Society (CCMS), please click here.
Why Join CCMS?

People who join CCMS receive with their memberships detailed information on services available in our service area(s), and have a reference to an understanding funeral home - a funeral home which has agreed to provide special benefits to CCMS members.  For more information about joining, please click here.
Is Membership Transferable?

Yes and no.  A membership cannot be transferred to another person.  It is, however, transferable to other similar societies throughout Canada.  A nominal fee is charged by the receiving society to cover the cost of transfer.

Please click here for a list of Canadian memorial societies.
Is CCMS Part of Calgary Co-op?

No.  We are proud to say we are our own co-operative; however, all Calgary Co-op grocery stores have our information/application brochures at their customer service centres.
Do I Have to Prepay for Funeral Services?

No.  We do not market prepaid services; however, pre-payment may be arranged directly with the funeral service provider in order to lock in currently-priced funeral plans.
What Happens if Death Occurs Away from Home?

There are insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage specific to funeral costs.  Ask your local funeral service provider or check the yellow pages.
What is the Difference Between a Membership Fee and a Records Administration Fee?

A membership fee is paid before death to enroll as a member with CCMS.

A records administration fee is paid after death and is collected by the funeral service provider on behalf of CCMS so that we can update our records.
What are the Benefits of Membership with CCMS?

(1) Economy – The Board of Directors negotiates economically packaged plans for our members.

(2) Lower stress level for survivors, who will know exactly what your wishes are, avoiding disagreements.