YouthInk Publications Society


Vision Statement
To foster a generation of youth who are resourceful, responsible thinking citizens.
Mission Statement
To give youth life skills and tools to make a difference in the world through communications.
Strategic Priorities
1. Align programs with school curriculum
2. Life skills training for at risk youth
3. Strategic partnerships with corporations
4. Marketing our unique program/branding (youth is a great cause)
YouthInk has adopted the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code

Old "Y" Building
223 - 12 Avenue S.W.
Calgary AB  T2R 0G9

Phone: 403.262.9983
Fax: 403.262.9984

YouthInk Publications Society is committed to advancing and encouraging literacy in youth through journalism, communications, publishing and special projects. Since 1991, YouthInk has promoted publishing by and for youth through YouthInkIT Magazine (previously known as Jabber Youth News) and Comics Are Us.
Program workshops operate in schools while YouthInk’s youth clubs and special projects reach youth throughout Calgary. Story submissions to YouthInkIT Magazine are accepted from Alberta and across Canada. All editorial copy and artwork is written and created by youth.
Locally owned and operated, YouthInkIT reaches all Calgary Public Libraries, city parks and recreation facilities, more than 200 elementary and junior high schools (that's more than 35,000 students!) and in another 120 locations around the city, such as bookstores, museums, theatres and coffee shops. We publish 10,000 copies twice a year and have built a readership of more than 20,000 youth, parents, teachers and community members. All editorial content is by youth for youth, making YouthInkIT a one-of-a-kind magazine. Class and individual subscriptions are available
The Society is known for grassroots, hands-on programs that focus on journalism and publishing as tools to engage youth in their community and in the world around them. We call it “Literacy In Action”.
The Society believes that communication is vital in shaping one’s environment. Journalism develops life-long learning, as well as encourages interest and participation in the community. This cultivates strong, resourceful citizens who will contribute to society, the workplace and the world.