Alternative Eradication of Poverty Bureau for Africa

Alternative Poverty Eradication Bureau for Africa (A.P.E.B.A.) was founded in May of 2004 after one of its founders, David Top, attended a Peace Conference in Southern Sudan.

David saw agony, despair, and hopelessness in the orphans, disabled and widows of Sudan. Upon his return to Calgary he consulted with Calgarians and Sudanese Immigrants who shared his passion to alleviate the oppressive poverty in Southern Sudan.

Alternative Poverty Eradication Bureau for Africa (A.P.E.B.A.) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty and gender inequality in the developing nations. APEBA’s main mission is to help build the capacity of the grass roots communities and partners in developing countries that they may work to eradicate poverty through the provision of basic life necessities while restoring, maintaining, and fully respecting the self-dignity of the individuals being aided.