Calgary Women's Health Collective



Since 1987 the Calgary Women's Health Collective has offered effective counselling services to meet the needs of women in our community seeking skilled female counsellors who can understand their experiences.

Our positive, holistic approach recognizes both individual and environmental factors affecting women's well-being. We recognize the impact of society on the development and continuation of the distress women experience. Therefore, we see a necessity for social as well as individual change.

Our basic principles include a commitment

* to value all people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity,     language, religion, class, age, abilities or sexual/affectional orientation;
* to work for the political, economic and social equality of women and men;
* to develop a respectful collaborative relationship between counsellor and client

A counselling service specializing in the needs of women.

The Calgary Women's Health Collective offers services to a wide variety of clients. Both short-term and long-term counselling are available.

Counselling services are offered in a number of areas, including:

    * Depression and Anxiety
    * Recent and Past Trauma Recovery
    * Life Transitions/Sexuality
    * Spiritual and Energy Healing
    * Mind/Body Work
    * Childhood, Food and Relationship Issues
    * Food and Body Image Issues

All counsellors at the Collective are trained, experienced professionals with expertise in traditional and holistic therapies. We see ourselves as advocates, educators and healers who give information and provide counselling to facilitate emotional and spirtual healing and development.

The Collective offers a sliding fee scale based on income and number of dependents, so that more women can have access to counselling at a reasonable and affordable rate.

Work is primarily done on a one-on-one or couple basis.



The Calgary Women's Health Collective  is located at:

    3rd Floor, 223 - 12 Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta
    Phone: (403)265-9590