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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat does ARWA have to offer?ARWA offers the Connections newsletter, an on-line support group, critique opportunities, meetings, workshops, discounts on conferences/seminars that are open to the public and social events to support published and unpublished writers.


How do I become a member?If joining as a full member send the membership fee and your 45 typed doubled-spaced pages or, if joining as an associate member, just send membership fee to ARWA.  Please contact ARWA or review the membership application process on this website for more information on current membership fees.

When can I join?New members are accepted until October 31st each program year.  The program year begins in September. However, a limited membership is available on a one time basis for those who miss this membership window.  Please contact ARWA for details regarding limited membership.  If you are a previous member or a published author you may join at any time.

What is ARWA?ARWA stands for “The Alberta Romance Writers’ Association” and is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping romance writers of all genres. 

Is ARWA affiliated with RWA?No, we are not affiliated with the Romance Writers of America (RWA).  You must apply for membership with them separately.
What is the difference between Associate and Full Membership?Full members have the privilege of voting and being on the Board of Directors while associate members do not have those privileges.

What if I don’t want to be a member but would like your newsletter?Just send $15 each year to receive a email/digital copy of our Connections newsletter.  Visit the newsletter page of the website for more information.

Can I receive your newsletter by email?Yes, you can receive the Connections newsletter by email.  Visit the newsletter page of the website for more information.

If I’m already a member do I also have to pay for your newsletter?No, you do not have to pay extra.  Your membership fees include our monthly newsletter and will be sent to you by email.  If you do not have email, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Could I attend one of your workshops when I’m not a member?Most of our workshops are for members only unless otherwise specified or advertised.

Do I have to be a romance writer to join?No, you don’t.  In fact, several of our members write in other fields besides romance.

ARWA’s Purpose and Mission
The Alberta Romance Writers' Association (ARWA) is a non-profit society incorporated under the Society's Act of Alberta, whose purpose shall be to provide a support network for romance writers in all genres.

ARWA believes
members benefit through association with fellow romance writers.

ARWA exists to:
promote excellence in the craft of writing romantic fiction.

ARWA helps:
members to become published authors and establish their careers in writing, specifically the romance genre, to educate and inform both published and unpublished writers.

ARWA provides:
a forum for members to obtain and disseminate information about writing techniques, publishing, marketing and networking with other writers, information and support to all its members, both published and unpublished.

ARWA accepts:
new members from until  October 31st each program year.  The program year begins in September.  ARWA meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, except for July, August and December.  Click here to find out more information about the registration process.

ARWA’s History
ARWA came into being as a result of a workshop sponsored by Alberta Culture and the Calgary Public Library. Over one hundred writers applied to take the course titled, Write Yourself a Romance, and library staff selected a shortlist from which Judith Duncan, the instructor for the course, chose the twenty-four writers who were lucky enough to make the final cut. The hands on course started April 2, 1987, and on the last night of the course, May 7, the participants, with the encouragement of Judith, decided to form a romance writing group.

The first official meeting of our newly formed group was held on May 28, 1987 in the basement of the Memorial Park Library, which was our home for several years. At the November meeting, it was decided to call the organization the Wild Rose Romance Writers. That name did not remain in existence for very long as several members thought the name was too difficult to wrap a tongue around, and the acronym was even worse. The wild rose symbol did, however, live on in our logo. In May of 1988, the current name of Alberta Romance Writers' Association was decided upon and by the next year, bylaws had been established. On September 18, 1989, the Association was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta.
ARWA began to expand its horizons with a five week writing course held at the University of Calgary in October of 1990 and with a major conference in 1992. In 1993, ARWA moved into its current location at the Old Y and continued to present various programs, bringing in editors and authors for the edification of both its own members and the writing community at large. Conferences in 1994 and 1996 helped increase the membership of the organization and provided writers with the opportunity to meet and learn from established and multi-published authors.

ARWA continues to provide a variety of programs for its members both at the regular monthly meetings and at daylong workshops throughout each year. The vision of the women who started the Alberta Romance Writers' Association lives on in the ongoing effort to support and educate those who wish a career in romance fiction.