Tomkins Park

Tomkins Park

Tomkins Park was established in 1915 with land donated by Henry and Elinor Tomkins.  Currently one of the more lively parks in the Beltline, Tomkins is home to concerts, festivals and a farmers market.  It is surrounded by neighbourhood shops and restaurants and features benches, a gazebo, walkways and Calgary's first automatic public toilet.

Unveiled in 2008, the toilet is self-sanitizing and equipped with sensors and automatic doors to prevent drug use and loitering in the compact facility.  If an individual is in the toilet for 10 minutes, an alarm will sound and the door will open automatically.

Since opening to the public, there have been 110 daily uses on average.  That adds up to approximately 120,000 individual uses since 2008

Tomkins was seen as an ideal location for the toilet. 

 “We looked at a few different locations, we were already doing some work in Tomkins Park and it worked out well, and also the community very much wanted it,” said Roger Makas, departmental communications manager for the City of Calgary.

This could be the first of many public facilities to spring up in Calgary, after years of limited public toilet space in the Beltline.

The total cost for metallic structure was $469,000.









Tomkins Park Statistics

Small park area between 16 ave and 17 ave sw. Has an automated public toilet, a gazeebo, park benches, and mature trees.


 area        m2 = 3316

area hectares = .3316