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About Us
Throughout each year, our hard-working group of board members and volunteers will put on events which promote and celebrate the strength, diversity and positive spirit of our LGBTA community. These events will be fundraising opportunities to fund the annual Pride Dance, Pride Parade and Pride Street Festival.
Mission StatementPride Calgary Planning Committee is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote awareness and understanding of Calgary’s LGBTA community. We celebrate our community’s history, courage and diversity through our annual Pride Parade & Pride Festival Events. Pride Calgary plans, hosts and fundraises throughout the year to bring these events to our community.
Vision StatementPride Calgary will work to attain acceptance and equality for Calgary’s LGBTA community through creating a safe and fun Pride Event where all Calgarians are welcome.



We value persons of all different sexual and gender identities, as well as all other factors that make us unique. We strive to provide a Pride that is inclusive to all.


Our HistoryWe pride ourselves on the rich history of the LGBTA community in Calgary and around the globe. We believe that a successful future must be built upon the past.


Equality We believe that every person is entitled to respect, fairness, and genuine consideration. We adhere to the values dictated by the United Nations Human Rights Declaration.


We operate in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner, providing accountability to our members and the community at large. We conduct ourselves in a respectful and professional manner.

Community We remain dedicated to serving the LGBTA community by hosting the annual Pride festivities. We recognize the importance of Calgary’s grassroots approach to Pride and strive to maintain that attitude as we move into the future.Celebration

We provide a safe and respectful environment for Calgary to celebrate the past, present, and future of our LGBTA community.

Our JourneyYou can learn about the journey that Pride Calgary has been on in recent times by following coverage in GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine:

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The Pride Guide


The Pride Calgary Pride Guide is the official source of information for Pride-sanctioned events and ancillary events at other venues, occurring during Pride Month.The Official Pride Guide is the place to advertise in order to reach Pride-goers seeking information over the course of Pride Month. Sponsors of Pride Calgary Planning Committee may receive complimentary ad space according to their sponsorship level. During Pride Month, please support the community-minded venues, businesses, and organizations that have sponsored or supported Pride, because without them, Pride Weekend would not be possible.The Spirit of Pride does not lie in a single venue, business, or organization - it happens as the result of many individuals, businesses and organizations coming together to celebrate as a whole community.

The annual Pride Calgary Pride Parade is an opportunity from people of all genders, sexual orientations, and walks of life to unite and march together.

Get in costume, dress up in your rainbow colours, or simply come as yourself to participate in this yearly event. The parade starts at 8th Street and 8th Avenue SW and marches east along 8th Avenue, ending at Olympic Plaza where the Street Festival begins.



The annual Pride Calgary Street Festival occurs right after the Pride Parade, at Olympic Plaza.The festival features street vendor tents, a beer garden, a stage with DJs and entertainment, and a Kid Zone for the little ones.