. Good Neighbour Agreement with Mustard Seed

.the Seed transforms with Beltline's support


The signing of Calgary's first Good Neighbour Agreement (GNA) marks new era of community and social service agencies working together. "Beltline was never a NIMBY place," says community president Rob Taylor, "but now we're actively supporting new directions and better clent services from a range of agencies starting with Mustard Seed."

For years 'theSeed' operated emergency shelter and food service from its 11 avenue headquarters. With the signing of the GNA, Mustard Seed can now focus on providing life skills and employment assistance downtown, a move that will help homeless people off the street and toward better lives.

The agreement will also eliminate long line-ups and uncomfortable feelings about Mustard Seed clients in the community.  











Read the Mustard Seed Good Neighbour Agreement  here.

Beltline president Rob Taylor shows off the Good Neighbour Agreement