Calgary International Blues Festival

Blues Fest: July 28th - August 3rd, 2014

Offering a mix of iconic blues singers and rising stars of tomorrow, the Calgary International Blues Festival strives to feature the best in the blues genre.  International, national, and local headliners have continued to draw in the crowds over the past years, making it one of the top multi-day outdoor festivals in Calgary.

Happening at Shaw Millenium Park, 2014 will mark the festival’s tenth year. With plenty to see and hear, the Calgary International Blues Festival will keep any blues-fan occupied and engaged. Stroll through the Arts Market to find hand-crafted locally made items and a selection of food and drink vendors will satisfy any appetite during the seven day event.

Enjoying some sun at the Blues Fest



A shadow divides spectators at the Blues Fest


Participants taking in the sights and sounds














A sea of lawn chairs