6TH AND TENTH aka Lamb Developments tower

6TH AND TENTH aka Lamb Developments tower
633 Tenth Avenue, SW

Toronto developer (Brad) Lamb Development Corporation was marketing in 2012 for this 31-storey $62 million tower that is to house 230 smaller suites for young professionals who will walk to work downtown or in the Beltline, and many of whom will not own a car. The site will only accommodate about half as many below-grade stalls as there will be suites, so watch for an in-house car rental or co-op arrangement. Suites are to range from studio-sized 400 square feet to two-bedroom homes of 950 square feet, plus a few penthouses, all with nine-foot ceilings, a natural-gas range and a balcony natural-gas outlet.
A number of pre-construction sales will be needed before the current parking lot yields to this development, although Mr. Lamb hopes to break ground late in 2012.

Condo information provided by www.condosincalgary.com. Used with permission.