Barb Scott Park


Barb Scott Park is one of the newest parks in Beltline located at 12 AVE AT 9 ST SW and is open from 5AM - 11PM.. Sitting on where the Calgary Board of Education park used to be, Barb Scott Park has been increasingly famous for its oval shaped design based on observed user experience and it public art installation - Chinook Arc.

The eastern side of the property is now home to the new Calgary Board of Education building, which was designed around the old Calgary Collegiate Institute Building. The park land on the West features the Chinook Arc.


Artist's rendering of Barb Scott Park concept

Artist's Rendering of the Barb Scott Park concept


It used to be part of the Central High School park and was later renamed after a Calgary City Councillor - Barb Scott.

With the help of Beltline Communities, the park was transformed to bring more interactivity and liveliness within Beltline residents.

The construction itself took over 2 years because of the July 2013 flood that delayed its completed date.


Beltline Communities took the initiative and held a community charrette – an exercise to envision what the park should look like – in 2007. The Beltline Parks & Public Places charrette involved eighteen interested residents who assessed community needs and preferences for the new park. They also developed an initial concept plan.

Ideas stemming from the exercise include pathways along "desire lines", a clear preference for a mix of active and passive uses, a double row of trees lining the 9th street side of the park, and preservation of sightlines to the historic Calgary Collegiate Institute building. The charrette also calls for installing a significant piece of public art on the 12th avenue frontage.

Commenting on the planning process for the park, Beltline Communities president Rob Taylor said, "If a new urban park is to truly succeed, Beltline residents should lead the way."


The Chinook Arc is an interactive public art installation that uses lights and movement to give the audience an enjoyable experience in the park.

The arc changes its lights through colours and movement patterns whenever users are around it through its sensors.

Creative Machines, the creator behind the installation, described the arc as a reflection of the community's energetic environment.

Chinook Arc

Chinook Arc by Creative Machines.


Barb Scott has served Calgary from October 1971 to 1955. According to her obituary, she has served as the Chair of Calgary District Hospital Group and Community Services Committee, the President of the Metropolitan Calgary Foundation, and part of the Calgary City Council.

Barb Scott

Barb Scott

Barb Scott Park

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The original design concept for the park can be seen here and the background for the park can be seen here


Calgary Collegiate Institute Heritage

Built in 1907, this sandstone school has gone through many changes thoughout it's lifetime. Since the school was first closed due to lack of enrollment, it has had a variety of tennants (most of which were educational) and has gone through many name changes as well.

It is now part of the new Calgary Board of Education building complex. The new CBE building has been built on the North and East sides of the old school, and incorporates the old building into the design. Also, the park which has always been an open grass field, has now been redesigned as well.  


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