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beltline communities 


population = 18 902*



area Park hectares = 9.6247 

m2 Park =  96247

m2 Park per 1000 = 5091.89

m2 Park per person = 5.1


City of Calgary  





area Park hectares =6.2**

m2 Park =  62070

m2 Park per 1000 = 3283.8

m2 Park per person = 3.28



* based on 2010 census numbers for beltline population

** City of Calgary does not include Rundle Ruins Park, or the       Stampede River Park in its calculation.










11 st Neighborhood Park


The West Portion of the Park is controlled by the Lawn Bowling club. While the Eastern side is a public park with a playground.



area m2        = 6193

area hectares = .6193



Connaught School Park


Connaught School has been in use since it was built in 1912. Although there are some mature trees in front of the school, the rest is grassy playing field.

area        m2 = 7078

area hectares = .7078




Connaught Park


Designed as a passive public park with large areas of concrete pavers and grass. Also has built in, year around furniture.


area m2        = 3543

area hectares = .3543



CBE Park


Eastern side of the property is now home to the new Calgary Board of Education building, which was designed around the old Calgary Collegiate Institute Building. The Park land on the West is a grass playing field.


area        m2 = 6126

area hectares = .6126






16 ave TOT Park


small park and playground on 16 ave sw.


area        m2 = 754

area hectares = .0754







Tomkins Park


Small park area between 16 ave and 17 ave sw. Has an automated public toilet, a gazeebo, park benches, and mature trees.


area        m2 = 3316

area hectares = .3316



Lougheed (Beaulieu) Gardens


Beautifully maintianed Heritage Building and Gardens, both of which are open to the public.


area        m2 = 11364

area hectares = 1.1364


Central Memorial Park


Home to the Central Library, fountains, sculptures, monuments, and the new Boxwood Cafe.


area        m2 = 20208

area hectares = 2.0208


Haultain Park


The small building on the North end of the site is part of the old Haultian school, while there are public tennis courts on the south end of the park.


area        m2 = 6509

area hectares = .6509






Humpy Hollow


A small tot park on 17 ave SW that is part of the city's new redevelopment program (no design for the park as of yet)


area        m2 = 2617

area hectares = .2617




Rundle Ruins





area        m2 = 6032

area hectares = .6032


Stampede River Park


The North East corner of the Stampede grounds, next to the Rundle Ruins site is home to the Beltline community association building, and a baseball diamond.


area        m2 = 22724

area hectares = 2.2724