Western Hospital


302 14 Avenue SW


     Another highly rated private hospital of bygone years was the Western. Its owner was Mrs. Barber, a registered nurse, and her right hand was nurse Miss Creagan. The hospital they opened was on the northwest corner of Fourteenth Avenue and Second Street West, another “medicated” old Calgary residence. The two women transformed the rambling turreted family home into a spotless little hospital to serve about ten patients, with cheerful rooms, and a small, shiny, well-equipped operating room at the back of the house.

     The meals were good, the service very personal, and the medical services top-notch. Doctors, vocal in their praise, liked the Western because of its equipment and the one-on-one ambience involving patient, nurse, and physician or surgeon.

     My parents were hospitalized at the Western on more than one occasion. It was my first childhood contact with a hospital, its hushed whiteness, its carbolic smell, and strict visiting hour schedule. Looking back on it, the Western was an intimate, antiseptic island, and the passport to it was a frown directed at me, and a quiet voice with a commanding “Shhh!” designed for small noisy boys.


( Thanks for the Memories: More Stories from Calgary’s Past, Jack Peach, 1994, p.112)

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