Sandringham Apartments


914 15 Avenue SW

     The Sandringham has an unusual and attractive design, with a two-storey, wood verandah in front of a brick block. The building has two principal storeys, but apartments were inserted as well into the high basement and the hipped roof, which is illuminated by broad dormer windows. The Sandringham was built -- and presumably designed -- by architect E.N. Butler in 1912. Two years later, the building was bought by Patrick Burns, who owned it until 1925. The building was thoroughly rehabilitated in 1981 and adapted for use as offices by Interdesign for PSI Canada. It has very good historical significance for this re-use. The exterior design has been very well maintained, although the interior has been considerably altered; nevertheless many interior details have been retained.  (1982)

(Calgary Heritage Authority, Building Summary 05-114)















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