Calgary Paint & Glass Co.


809 10 Avenue SW

This six-storey warehouse has served a number of Calgary businesses over the years. It is typical of the buildings which sprang up in this warehouse district in the early years of the present century.

It was built circa 1911, for the Calgary Paint & Glass Co. Ltd., and other early occupants included the Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Co. Ltd. (manufacturers and gasoline engineers), Riley & McCormick Ltd. (manufacturers of saddles and harnesses), and Canadian Westinghouse Co. In 1918 the building was aquired by the Ordnance Store Corps. of the Canadian Army, and remained in this use for fifty years. In recent years, the best known occupant was The Albertan, who used it for storage, and the Canadian Art Galleries.

The buildings was contstructed by Fyshe, McNeil, Martin, Trainer, engineers and general contractors, who built a number of other structures in Calgary, Edmonton, and Medicine Hat during this period, including the Hollinsworth Building.

The Calgary Paint & Glass Co. warehouse represents a very good example ofwarehouse design of the period, with its regular facade accented by horizontal string courses between the floors and vertical pilaster strips reaching the height of the building. An entabulature divides the tall ground floor from the other stories, and a large cornice with end brackets crowns the building.










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