Metals Limited




322 11 Avenue SW

This large four-storey brick warehouse was erected in 1928 by Metals Ltd. Who, at the time were a major manufacturer and distributor of plumbing and heating supplies, mine and railway equiptment, and hardware.

The firm incorporated in 1904 and was then known as the Gurney Standard Metal Co. It was, at the time, associated with the Gurney Foundry Co. of Ontario. Many of Calgary's leading buisinessmen of the time were directors of the company. The first president was W.R. Hull, and early officers and directors included A.E. Cross, R.B. Bennett, Sir James Lougheed, and Senator Pat Burns. The Company was one of the first to bring in oil field equipment for the pioneering Turner Valley oil and gas field. The firm was aquired by Empire Brass Manufacturing Ltd. of London, Ontario in 1948. It and associated firms remained in this building until 1972, at which time it was taken over by Christy's Arcade Furniture and used as a furniture showroom.


The buiding represents the plain warehouse style of the 1920's. During this  time, fewer structures were constructed in Calgary, compared to the boom in building in 1910-1913. The location of the structural grid is clearly expressed on the exterior. The building is essentially unaltered externally, and is in excellent condition.  (1982)

After remaining vacant for a period of time, having only a rug retail outfit on the first floor, the Metals Ltd. building was rehabilitated to accommodate retail at grade with office space above in 1998. An additional four storeys were added in character with the original building. Also the covered loading area to the west of the building was removed at this time.  (1998)