J.H. Ashdown Hardware Company


240 11 ave SW


From its construction in 1910 until the early 1970s, this was the warehouse of the J.H. Ashdown Hardware Co. James H. Ashdown migrated from Ontario to the Red River Settlement in 1865, arriving by oxcart, and by 1869, was established in the hardware business. His form grew to become a major Winnipeg company, and Ashdown established his firm in Calgary in 1889 by purchasing the Calgary Hardware Company.

Ashdown became a prominent Winnipegger, and served as mayor of that city in 1906-1907. The Calgary warehouse was originally four-storeys high, characterized by the arch-and-spandrel design motif often associated with the work of American architect H.H. Richardson. The Ashdown Warehouse is the best surviving example in Calgary of this North American warehouse style. The two top floors were added only a year after the completion of the building, as business grew. This flexability and expansion is typical of the more successful Calgary business and warehouses of the period. The warehouse was aquired by Lewis Stationary Limited in 1972.

In the early 1990s, the J.H. Ashdown Warehouse was rehabilitated to accomodate residential condominium units.


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