Heritage Designations



City of Calgary

Historic Resource Evaluation System 


Evaluation Categories

Municipal Historic Resource


According to the Historical Resources Act, places that are designated as a Municipal Historic Resource have the protection not to get repaired, demolished, or destorted in any way that doesn't approve the public's interest. Places protected under the Municipal Historic Resource must comply with the following Criteria of Signifacne listed below.

Municipal Heritage Partnership Program


 Province of Alberta



Government of Canada




Registered charity since 1973 with the government of Canada.




Criteria of Significance

To be listed on "Calgary's Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources" a resource will meet one or more of the following criteria:

Activity, Institution, Peopson/People, Style, Design, Construction, Landmark, Symbolic Value.



Criteria of Integrity

The aspects of integrity that are relevant to the resource's assessment are those that are linked closely to the resource's significance and it's character defining elements. Aresource does not have to meet all integrity criteria. Rather it must only meet sufficient integrity to be able to convey it's significance.


Location, Design, Environment, Materials, Workmanship, Association.