Great West Liquor Co. Warehouse


305 10 Avenue SE


This brick warehouse was erected in 1912 for the Great West Liquor Co. The distributor of alcoholic beverages had occupied it for five years, when the strength of the Temperance Movement in Alberta resulted in the demise of private liquor companies. The Prohibition period that followed was broken by the establishment of the Alberta Liquor Control Board in 1924. The building was intended to rise five storeys, but it was stopped after being built to a height of only two, giving it a somewhat squat appearance. The facade, which is enlivened by advancing and recessed bays and crowned by brick corbelled cornice, is unusual for an integral truck loading bay to the east. The building has been used over the years by a variety of tenants, including General Motors (who occupied it between 1927 and 1940). Since 1940, the building has been used by Scott Bathgate Limited. The quality of the brick, wood, and the somewhat elegant sandstone base and window trim make this building stand out in an area of more austere structures. (1982)

The building was used as the premises of a private school until 1997.  It is currently up for sale.  (1998)

(Calgary Heritage Authority, Building Summary 02-125)




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