Dafoe Terrace Apartments



1204 3 Street SE

Municipal Historic Resource


Designated a Provincial Historic Resource in April of 1987, Dafoe Terrace is representative of multiple dwelling units commonly built from 1906 to 1914. Constructed in 1910 by J.C. Dafoe, a Calgary rancher and broker, the building has witnessed continuous use as an apartment to the present day. East Victoria Park, where the building is located, had an early beginning in 1888 when sibdivided by the C.P.R. By the turn of the century, the community began to take on a residential role and was firmly rooted as a working class district supported by an active commercial area (2 Street E.) prior to the First World War. Most residents of Victoria Park were employed  by the C.P.R. freight grounds on the northern edge of the area. John C.Dafoe built the apartment for speculative purposes with his brother, Alexander Norman Dafoe,

who was at the time the manager of the Calgary Exhibition Grounds. His business involbements included a real estate enterprise, the Union Trading Co. formed in 1911, and the firm of Kinsey and Dafoe, a cattle brokerage house established in 1915. Dafoe died in 1921, and the apartment remained in his family intil 1933, whien Bella Singer took possession. Since that time, the building has functioned as revenue property for it's owners. Occupants of Dafoe Terrace represented a cross-section of Calgary society in the early period (i.e. semi-skilled and skilled workers, small business people, etc.), after 1920 tennants tenants were replaced by blue-collar workers.




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